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DAKY Waterproof Socks (Merino Wool) - Wudu Complaint

Waterproof Performance Socks with Merino Wool. High Performance outdoor socks | Waterproof sports kit for every activity - cycling, running, climbing and praying | Wudu Compliant
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Brief Description

DAKY Phantom Performance Socks - Phantom Plus with Merino wool 

DAKY Phantom Plus socks incorporate our 3-layer technology including the unparalleled natural textile, Merino wool. Those that are often exposed to extreme outdoor conditions need clothing that provides protection, functionality and reliability in all situations. 

Merino wool provides outstanding insulation, exceptional breathability, odour resistance, moisture regulation, temperature regulation, provides UV protection and has anti-static properties. Furthermore, Merino wool is lightweight, keeps its shape and is remarkably durable.   

DAKY Performance Socks are perfect for a wide range of outdoor activities including mountain climbing, hiking, running, cycling, water sports, snow sports, adventure, hunting, fishing, tennis, football, gardening and camping.


  • Mid-calf socks
  • Waterproof
  • 100% Wudu compliant
  • Made from a blend of Merino wool, cotton, nylon, and elastane.

Perform Wudu with ease and peace of mind with our 100% wudu compliant socks. The Wudu-Companion ™ by DAKY are dynamic in design and are the very best in the market today. So whether you're at home, work, or on a journey, don't be without your Wudu-Companion ™.