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DAKY Wudu Socks The best designer Wudu (MASAH) Socks officially approved by UK Scholars. These socks are 100% Wudu Compliant, Waterproof, Breathable with high performance lightweight membrane.

Perform Wudu with ease and peace of mind with our 100% Shariah Compliant DAKY Wudu Socks. Also known as the Wudu-Companion ™ by DAKY, are dynamic in design and are the very best in the market today. So whether your at home, work, or on a journey, dont be without your DAKY Wudu-Companion ™.

Established since 2015; We were the first international Muslim brand based in the UK to have a valid Wudu Socks certificate for their socks. Our DAKY socks have been rigorously tested, to the highest levels, ensuring they fulfil all the criteria laid down for Wudu Compliant.

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Perform Wudu with Ease & Peace

We find ourselves rushing for prayer often in the winter months when one salaah is quickly followed by another. For your average 9 to 5 office worker, it gets really difficult to go and do Wudu in the sink in a rush, leaving an unwanted mess of water all over the floor and around the sink.. DAKY socks solves the above issue for Muslims in the modern world.

Stylish, Discreet & Comfortable

The best designer Wudu (MASAH) Socks officially approved by UK Scholars in the market. DAKY Wudu Socks are distinguished by their stylish appearance, designed to be elegant and ideal to wear with smart clothing. Our socks are officially certified from Muftis from the most prestigious and oldest islamic institution in the UK Darul Uloom Al Arabiya Al Islamiya. For more information see our Certificate on our website.

The Wudu-Companion ™ by DAKY are the Very Best in the Market

With everything in life, you can always go for the cheap and cheerful alternative products. However.. there are times when the cheapest option just isn't good enough.. no matter what the description says.. Sometimes in life you have to make a choice to go with quality.. and enjoy life knowing you made the right investment. So.. you can either go with the cheapest wudu waterproof socks out there.. (or you try us!)

Functional & Different

Specifically designed for our customers, with a range of Non-slip grip technology Wudu socks. Great for the elderly and use on slippery floors..…. Including a range of unisex sock designs, with over-ankle socks; which appeal to the female market and also ideal for the summer. Each of our ranges will have a feature which distinguishes itself from the other ranges, although they will all boast the fundamental attributes of breathability, being wind and waterproof, together with style and functionality.

Unique 3 Layer Technology

DAKY Socks incorporate our 3-layer technology allowing your feet to enjoy freedom of movement, yet are wind resistant and waterproof, while still being highly breathable. These socks will keep your feet dry and comfortable in any environment or weather condition. Perfect for Everyone Everyday with our performance socks which been approved for Masah and conform to all the requirements specified.

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