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Size Instructions

The size chart is featured under product descriptions. It is below for your reference. Generally, it is a good idea to order according to your shoe size.

Care & Washing Instructions

DAKY socks are not a pair of ordinary Indoor / Outdoor socks. If not cared for correctly will ruin the performance or even damage the product. Please ensure wearing the appropriate footwear with the socks and being careful not to puncture the membrane of the socks or it will leak Proper care will significantly extend the product life and in turn the socks will benefit you longer.

Our socks are machine washable below with gentle wash cycle with cold water (40°C), (Do not tumble dry), but we highly recommend washing by hand using lukewarm water (you can just use soapy water) for the ideal care to extend their life.

DAKY socks are not suitable to be dried in or on any direct heat sources such as a dryer, radiator, or an iron. The proper way to dry after washing is to turn the socks inside out and hang in a good air flowing condition to drip dry overnight. Do not tumble dry.

The following are wash care instructions from our manufacturing facility:
Few FAQ on durability….

Durability of DAKY Wudu Socks... our socks are extremely durable and we can guarantee that they will not tear even after 10 miles continuous use outside without any footwear.. the condition for Masah is that it needs to endure at least 3.5 miles without tearing.. 

Regarding lifespan of the Socks... this depends entirely on the use of the Socks by the individual, e.g. the activity level of the individual, the intensity of use, the type of activity the socks were used for etc.. there is no standard answer to this. The Socks will obviously last longer for an individual that has low to moderate use, and conversely, the Socks will not last as long for the individual that has high intensity use. Also this is all assuming the Socks have been looked after according to the care instructions.. the middle waterproof membrane will unfortunately get damaged if the socks are not properly washed or dried.

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