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DAKY Wudu Socks Story

Regarding the DAKY Socks initial idea...

In 2015 my friend and I sat in café having a cup of coffee at 1am in the early morning talking about the idea of looking into Khuffain (Leather Socks). The reason being, we often find ourselves rushing for prayer often in the winter months when one salaah is quickly followed by another. For your average 9 to 5 office worker, it gets really difficult to go and do Wudu and wash the feet in the sink in a rush, leaving an unwanted mess of water all over the floor and around the sink.. which means spending more time cleaning it up so that’s it’s ready for the next person to use. 

The leather Khuffain have been the only solution to this issue, and they’ve been around for centuries and they will be around long after we are gone; but unfortunately the ones we have today are not ideal in the corporate, business world. The leather Khuffain are uncomfortable to wear with shoes and they are definitely not breathable and hence your feet get very hot and sweaty after wearing them all day.

Furthermore, you end up putting your wet feet back into your shoes making your shoes all damp and soggy. And then to top it off, you walk outside the bathroom with your shoes half on and pants rolled half way up your calf’s looking like a fool.. and then you put on you socks on wet feet and put on your wet and damp shoes. You can only imagine the stench of your feet, socks and shoes once you take them off when you get home later in the day!

This is where DAKY came in...

We realised that there was scope here to produce a sock that would not only solve all the problems I’ve just mentioned, but also that they would be completely endorsed by renowned islamic scholars and reputable islamic institutions. We designed and developed the DAKY socks, which were stringently tested and had a panel of Muftis also test them. Our socks in 2016 then got officially approved by the most prestigious and oldest islamic institution in the Western Hemisphere.. Darul Uloom Situated in Bury. We have the written documents to prove our approval which we have uploaded on our website for all to see.

This is what sets us apart... 

We are a Muslim owned company.. born and bred here in the U.K, passionate about making life easy for the Muslim population at large.. as we know and have conviction that we will be greatly rewarded for such endeavours. Even before we designed our socks, there were socks out there that claimed to be, ‘shariah compliant’ but we soon realised that these so called ‘shariah compliant’ socks were not made by Muslims and neither were they assessed according to the criteria laid out in Shariah.. yes there were individual scholars that may have endorsed them personally, but that should not be taken as a blanket approval for one and all.

You will find many muslim companies are now copying the DAKY Wudu Socks Concept and claiming that they were the first to start this; However you can see from our certificate when we introduced this to the market...and also the other companies claim to be Wudu Complaint; but you must be careful and do you due diligence into their products.

However.... we are proud to say "The Wudu-Companion ™ by DAKY are the Very Best in the Market" and with everything in life, you can always go for the cheap and cheerful alternative products. However.. there are times when the cheapest option just isn't good enough.. no matter what the description says.. Sometimes in life you have to make a choice to go with quality.. and enjoy life knowing you made the right investment. So.. you can either go with the cheapest Wudu waterproof socks out there.. (or you try us!)

This is why thousands of scholars are happy and content to wear our socks.. which gives the encouragement and endorsement we need to wear these socks and use it for Masah purposes.

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