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DAKY Waterproof Socks - Wudu Complaint

High Performance outdoor socks (Mid-Calf) | Waterproof sports kit for every activity - cycling, running, climbing and praying | Wudu Compliant
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Brief Description

DAKY Waterproof Performance Socks. Ultimo Sub Zero (Mid Calf). 

These DAKY Ùltimo Sub Zero socks incorporate specialised 3-layer technology allowing your feet to enjoy freedom of movement, yet are wind and waterproof while still being highly breathable. They will keep your feet dry and warm in any environment or weather conditions.

Ùltimo - Socks by DAKY for those needing to be 100% dry and warm, we offer the unique Ùltimo range.

Great for a wide range of outdoor activities where you want your feet to be 100% dry and warm including: Hiking, Kayaking, Sailing, Canoeing, mountain climbing, hiking, running, cycling, water sports, snow sports, adventure, hunting, fishing, tennis, football, gardening and camping.

These socks are 100% Wudu Compliant, Waterproof, Breathable with high performance lightweight membrane.

Also for "prayers" these socks can be used to perform Wudu with ease and peace of mind as these are 100% wudu compliant socks. These Socks by DAKY are dynamic in design and are the very best in the market today. So whether your at home, work, or on a journey, don't be without your Wudu-Companion ™.

Note - Size XS for (Small Size) and Kids (Large)