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DAKY Performance Socks. Ultimo Range (Mid Calf). 

These DAKY Ùltimo socks incorporate our specialised 3-layer technology allowing your feet to enjoy freedom of movement, yet are wind and waterproof while still being highly breathable. They will keep your feet dry and warm in any environment or weather conditions.

These socks are engineered using a highly thermal, anti-bacterial and anti-pilling WarmPlus-R® fibre. Providing you with excellent heat insulation as well as a providing high degree of moisture wicking, keeping you warm and dry when you need it most.

Great for a wide range of outdoor activities where you want your feet to be 100% dry and warm including: mountain climbing, hiking, running, cycling, water sports, snow sports, adventure, hunting, fishing, tennis, football, gardening and camping.

Some of the distinguishing features of our socks are:-

• Non-slip grip technology on the sole, (Whether you have hard flooring at home, barefoot where everything is marble flooring, or you prefer wearing sandals/slippers, the non-slip grip will ensure your stability in these conditions and many more)

• A washable cloth travel bag comes as standard with each pair of socks. If you are an avid traveller, or u are used to getting your socks dirty by exploring the great outdoors, keep your socks isolated from the rest of your clothing by using the this small convenient travel bag.