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How to use the DAKY Wudu Socks

1) Prior to wearing the socks, do ensure that you are in a state of purity and make Wudu (ablution), if needed, without the socks.

2) After doing your Wudu (ablution), put on the DAKY socks. You will now be able to perform Wudu (Masah), If and when your Wudu is nullified; if you do not take off your socks within the stipulated time (72hrs for traveller, 24hrs for non-travellers).

3) When you need to make Wudu again, when you get to your feet;
       a) Wet your hands with water,
       b) Draw the fingers of the right hand on the upper surface of the Wudu Socks starting from the toes and ending (the Masah) at the foreleg (just above the ankle), 
       c) The Masah should be done once only on each sock. The right hand should be used for the right sock and the left hand for the left sock.

*if in doubt with the above please consult your local Scholar in the first instance.