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DAKY Socks - Wudu Compliance Information

Our DAKY socks have been rigorously tested, to the highest levels, to ensure they fulfil all the criteria laid down in Islamic jurisprudence (Shar’ia) for Mas’ah compatibly in ablution.

The Criteria;

1) They cover both the ankles entirely,

2) They are durable enough that a person can walk with the Socks for three miles without them tearing. (We have personally walked more than three miles without a single tear),

3) Both Socks are independently free from holes to the extent of 3 small toes,

4) The socks remain on the legs without being tied or fastened,

5) They are such that water does not seep through them. (Our Socks are 100% waterproof).


Our DAKY Socks were tested, approved and officially certified by the Darul Ifta Department at the prestigious and well renowned Darul Uloom Al-Arabiyyah Al-Islamiyyah. Better known as Darul Uloom Bury, established in 1973 and is the oldest school of its kind in the United Kingdom.

Please find evidence of the certificate below.